The Best Way To Get Ex Back: Maturity

best way to get ex backYou have been dumped.  You are angry and sad because you still love your ex.

You thought your ex loved you too, but it seems he or she lied.

You want to lash out, but you know that outrageous behavior won’t be the best get ex back strategy.

So, you ask, “What is the best way to get ex back?”  Be mature.  It’s that simple.

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Sounds simple, but it is hard to do, as you well know.  It’s really a test of will to be mature after your ex has broken your heart.

You are not alone.  Sometimes hearing these things from an objective outsider will help you avoid acting in an immature manner.  So, before your emotions take over and you do something you might regret later, just listen to these tips to help pull you down off the ledge.

Behind The Back Ex Bashing

You need an emotional release because you have been hurt, badly.  It might be the case that you want to release some emotional pressure by sharing with others how nasty and unfeeling your ex treated you.  It seems like the best way to stop feeling so bad about your break up is to bad mouth your ex at every given opportunity.

So, in case you are telling everyone who is willing to listen about your ex’s faults; and perhaps in telling stories about your break up, you over react and make your ex seem like an absolute psychopath.  It’s best to avoid such conversations because how will you feel if you get back with your ex?  How will it make you look to your friends?  Will your friends treat your ex with respect when you get back together?

Just avoid such conversations altogether, no matter how hard it might be.  Remember, maturity is the best way to get ex back after a break up.

Taking It Out On Others

After you’ve been dumped, you are likely to be in a foul mood.  Don’t lash out at others because you are upset about your break up.  This is not mature.  More importantly, you run the risk of damaging your other relationships with family and friends.

Even more important, if you are ill-tempered at work, you might put your job in jeopardy, which is something you definitely don’t want at this point.  So, be cool.  Put on a cheery attitude.  Put energy into doing an even better job at work than you did before.

Try to cultivate positive relationships in your workplace.  Thank your friends and family for being supportive and understanding because you will continue to need a good support system in place to help you get through a difficult break up.

Put Your Ex On Trial

Your ex lied to you when he or she told you they love you.  It goes without saying that you are very hurt.  You want to confront your ex and interrogate them about any number of things to convey to them under no uncertain terms that they are wrong and unfeeling for dumping you. Yet, this is not the best way to get ex back.

Even though you know that you are right to demand an explanation from your ex, it is not the best way to get ex back by demanding answers.  No doubt, your ex knows in the deep recesses of his or her heart that the manner in which they treated you is very wrong.

But, you must maintain your composure and be mature.  Avoid trying to demand explanations and make accusations to your ex expecting some sort of apology and thorough explanation.  You will get neither at this point.

The best way to get ex back is to remain mature and composed.  Accept that your ex is not going to be receptive to an accusatory tone or machine-gun fire
questions that are asked in the form of demands.

Be mature and you will improve your chances of getting back together with your ex.

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