Do Not Write A Letter To Get Ex Back

Since you broke up, your ex will not talk to you. Or, if your ex is talking to you, the conversations are volatile and ugly.

Or, maybe you simply don’t have the courage to talk to your letter to get ex backex right now.

Do not write a letter to get ex back.

Even though it seems like a good idea, writing the wrong kind of letter to get ex back will be disastrous.

What you need to do is write the “right” kind of letter only if you know exactly what to do.

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We cannot stress enough that it is ill-advised to sit down and write an essay style letter to your ex without knowing exactly what to put in the letter.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not write a letter to get ex back without a well-conceived strategy:

  • Usually, when a person writes a letter to an ex, it reads like a laundry list of real and perceived wrongs that the writer wants the recipient to be aware of.  Such a letter to get ex back is typically an airing of grievances that that cannot be resolved or answered to. If you decide to write this kind of letter, be aware that it will not be well received by the recipient.
  • Writing a letter to your ex creates a permanent record of the details of your relationship. Such a record oftentimes is used by an ex as “evidence” of your state of mind at the time of writing. Because breaking up often causes people to get a little insane, it is not a good idea to document your most fragile moments that may be used against you in the future.
  • Following the idea that writing a letter to get ex back creates a permanent record of your innermost feelings, be aware that your ex may use the letter against you in the most vindictive ways. Consider that if you should find someone new and your ex is not particularly happy about your new relationship and wants to disrupt a new romance you found. There is always the chance that your ex will forward a copy of the letter to your new boyfriend or girlfriend. You would not want that to happen because it most likely will not place you in a very attractive light.
  • And, such a letter can also be forwarded to your family and friends. The potential fallout that could possibly arise from this may be detrimental to your other relationships, especially if these other people are mentioned in the letter.
  • Sending a letter to your ex with the idea of clearing out all the grievances you are feeling goes a long way toward alienating your ex. If you want to get back together with your ex, it is better to send a short note or card that does not mention the relationship at all.  Rather, a card or note should be positive and encouraging.  Put yourself in the best possible light so that your ex starts to think that your break up might have been a mistake.

If you must write an essay style letter to get ex back, then make it as cathartic as possible, but don’t send it. Once you have finished writing the letter, read it over and over for a couple days and then destroy it.

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