My Boyfriend Hates Me What Should I Do Now?

If your boyfriend has been mean to you and you keep wondering why “My boyfriend hates me and what should I do now?”

You ought not feel completely alone. Lots of people go through this very thing every single day.

The difference is that most couples end up being apart because they have no idea how to solve their relationship problems.

If you are not already broken up with him, a break up might be coming soon. The first thing you should do is let your emotions out in private.

There is nothing wrong with crying about it if that is how you want to deal with this. But have a good cry and then get ready to do something about why you keep thinking, “my boyfriend hates me.”

Chances are that things will get better, but you cannot stand by and let your situation spiral out of control.

Things will get better in case you think they never will. Certainly you don’t want to lose your boyfriend for good. However, there’s no sure way of knowing you can keep him without having a good plan of attack.

The first thing you should do is start really focusing on the question, “Why does my boyfriend hate me?”

You might at first think that, “my boyfriend hates me because of __________.” Just fill in the blank. Whatever the reason you think, “my bf hates me,” it might not be the actual reason he has been treating you in such a bad way.

So you should no longer tell people, “I think my boyfriend hates me because of x,y,or z. You have to really be honest and ask yourself why you think he is treating you badly because the real reason might not be what you think it is.

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The best way to find out why your boyfriend hates you is to come right out and ask him. You have to be ready for the truth however. He may end up telling you something you do not want to hear.

So you have to be prepared and make sure you are not in denial because his answer might be hurtful. If you don’t think you will be able to deal with what he might say, then it might be better to simply move on.

Yet, if you are sick of wondering, “Why my boyfriend hates me,” then you really do need to ask him to find out. You might be able to work things out after knowing the real reason you think your bf hates you. It’s better if you accept what he tells you and not argue with him if you don’t agree with what he tells you.

It could be that his answer will cause you to end the relationship completely, in which case you will need to get on with your life.

If you think there is a chance to keep the relationship going, then you need to ask him if he wants to stay with you. If the reason you keep asking why my boyfriend hates me is something you and he can work on, then let him know that’s what you want to do.

Be sure to tell him, if he seems willing, that you want to work things out because you feel your relationship is precious.

Next, take a look at the reasons why you felt like, “my boyfriend hates me,” and work on solutions to your problems together.

Remember that most rocky relationships can be fixed if you keep the lines of communication open and honest.